Jack and Remy's Bayou Band

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"My dream is to have a band. Wanna be in a band with me?" Jack asks his new friend, Remy the racoon. Jack tap-tap-taps his paws as he imagines the wonderful music the creatures of the bayou can make. He can already hear the chank-chank-chank of a rubboard and the thump-thump-thump of the drums, but forming a band that includes an alligator, a snake, some turtles, a bullfrog, and a possum isn't always easy! First they must overcome their distrust of their fellow creatures and learn to work together.

But what can these critters with a dream do to save themselves when danger arises on the bayou? When some poachers invade their home and try to capture their friends, the animals must come up with a plan.

With a little perseverance and creativity, they create music that turns enemies into friends and unites all the residents of the bayou, even making some unexpected allies along the way.

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