The Nesting Pelican Original - Amy Betts

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Amy Betts

Artist Amy Betts is a Central Louisiana native. While Betts spent the majority of her time growing up in Louisiana, she did spend time living in Maine where the outdoors really shaped her as an artist along with the unexpected and tragic death of her father. She will be the first to tell you that it is the devastation of loosing her father and the outdoors that triggers her passion for painting.

When creating and painting, Betts' sees her work in a way she experiences nature, raw and authentic.  Her pieces consist of a heavy texturing technique that identifies her as an artist.

"I've spent a vast amount of time going on our wild nature adventures and seeing so much beauty in the midst of a crazy world," says Betts. "It feels like I'm sharing my amazing sights in the woods with others to enjoy in their homes."

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