About us

Like some of the most wonderful gifts, Aspen Bleu was unwrapped from a small package.

An adventurer at heart, 31-year-old Avoyelles Parish native and Rapides Parish resident Kristen Lemoine took the experiences she had while living in Albuquerque and slowly began to weave them into a new life she was beginning back at home. She spent a year-and-a-half there, and in that time she strengthened her love for nature, the mountains, travel and the artistry attached to regional cultures. Even the name – Aspen Bleu – comes from her time exploring New Mexico and being awed by the Aspen trees against the desert sky.

A few years after moving back home, Kristen took her entrepreneurial spirit and left a corporate job to begin a new life as her own employer. With a few of her favorite pieces made by local and regional artists, she started Aspen Bleu at a small kiosk in the Alexandria Mall. Six months later she expanded into a brick- and-mortar storefront situated on prime real estate.

Aspen Bleu is a gift shop where Kristen says she wants her customers to feel inspired by a beautifully curated gift selection. Aspen Bleu features a variety of unique items from baby clothes to local art to jewelry. Kristen works with independent and local artists to offer a selection of original, small-batch gift choices that shoppers can’t find anywhere else. And, everything in Aspen Bleu is hand-selected by Kristen herself. She knows what her customers want, and she tailors her product line to their needs.

What was once a small dream is growing into a large presence in Central Louisiana commerce. Kristen knows how lucky she is to have such talented and unique artists to work with. Every time an artist produces a piece, Kristen feels as though she’s found the next Mignon Faget, and she couldn’t be more proud to introduce them to her customers.

Opening Aspen Bleu also allowed Kristen to fulfill the creative void in her life. Aspen Bleu is making a name for itself with its exclusive line of baby apparel designed by Kristen with her customers in mind.

That’s more than service. It’s spirit. And it’s what makes customers coming back.